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My blogs are concerned with the research, structure, authoring, communication, and acquisition of knowledge.


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Blogs - 2021

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  1. Making Your Browser More Secure
    • When you browse the web, the software you use, in most cases, is giving away information about your computer and browser software. Fix it with a simple Add-on.
  2. Making Your Thunderbird (or any other) E-mails More Secure
    • Your e-mails are probably giving away information about your computer and e-mail software, which can be used to attack your computer. It can easily be fixed.


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  1. The Internet - A Very Disturbing Discovery
    • Not only is our internet experience being conveniently customised, internet experience is being dictated and personal choice is being denied.
  2. The Importance of Web Standards Compliance for Information Distribution on the Web
    • With the advent of mobile (cell) phone web access, there has been a proliferation in multiple versions of the same website, to accommodate small format devices. But is this really necessary?
  3. Effects on the United Kingdom Training and Development Industry, Post-Brexit
    • The perceived uncertainties, surrounding arrangements for the post-Brexit era in the UK, are not all justified, in the short-term. However, the appeasement of uncertainties for the longer-term, will largely depend upon three main factors.
  4. Instructional Design and On-screen Legibility - The Font of all Knowledge
    • When the available evidence is examined, critically, it is clear there is little evidence of any significant difference in the ability of readers to read on-screen text in serif versus sans-serif fonts.


Blogs 2019 - Listed most recent first

  1. The Future of Synthetic Training Environments - Acousto-phoretic Volumetric Displays
    • Acousto-phoretic Volumetric Displays (AVD) are also known as Acoustic Holograms. The advantage of AVDs is they can be touched and manipulated.
  2. Identifying Learning Content - What You Don't Know You Don't Know
    • A Training Needs Analysis seeks to identify the learning content for an instructional resource, but how do you identify content you don't know exists?
  3. Task Analysis (The 5 Basic Formats) and Instructional Design
    • Task Analysis, in Instructional Design, ensures a thorough understanding of all performance(s) required of learners in the execution of their roles, which informs the requirements of the instructional resource. There are 5 basic formats of Task Analysis, one size does not fit all.
  4. Education - A Promise of Social Evolution, or Unfair Discriminator?
    • When the expectations of education-for-all were first expressed, some 70 or more years ago, the future was bright. The dream did come true, at least in part. But what now?
  5. Improving Graphical Media Specification
    • How to increase the likelihood of receiving finished media that is right-first-time.
  6. Identifying Content Development Structures for Large Courseware
    • A scenario-based presentation of issues and solutions to developing large courses.
  7. What Are Your Mobile Apps Doing Behind Your Back?
    • Why the use of mobile Apps needs careful consideration, and how they compromise your privacy and security.
  8. Words Words Words?
    • Philosophical and research evidence relating to the importance of personal interaction and debate in learning.
  9. Learning Objectives Were Not Intended For Learners
    • Why learning objectives were never intended for learners, and the issue of cognitive load.
  10. Pervasive Mobile Communication - Pervasive Learning?
    • A historical context for the expectations of mobile learning.

Blogs 2018 - Listed most recent first

  1. Integrating Social Learning and Formal Learning
    • Social Learning - We have experts to learn from, and they have existed for a very long time.
  2. Socrates and Social Learning in the Mobile Environment
    • Socrates' "conceit of wisdom" and how effective Social Learning can address such concerns.
  3. Gamification in Digital Learning Assessment
    • Gamification in assessment benefits from 'Flow', to better represent the assessee.
  4. Knowledge Management - The Risk to Learning Presented by Data Silos
    • Why Data Silos must be replaced by a single set of data structures, able to communicate with each other.
  5. The RACI Matrix and Knowledge Management
    • How a RACI Analysis improves business capacity, organisation, planning, productivity, and training.
  6. The Importance of Research in Instructional Design
    • Why knowledge of the available research evidence, in applying Instructional Design methodology, is crucial.
  7. 5G Natural Apprenticeship and Digital Learning
    • How 5G will fundamentally change the management and distribution of data and what constitutes learning.

Blogs 2017 - Listed most recent first

  1. Your First Meeting With Your Subject Matter Expert
    • Your Subject Matter Expert (SME), and your relationship with them, is crucial to the timely development of learning resources.
  2. Testing e-Learning Templates Is Not Simply Adding Text And Media
    • Very few clients understand what is involved.

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