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Display and Compliance

This website will display on any common access device, including mobile devices, without any change in content or functionality.


This website is standards compliant for: Standards compliance extends to the custom error pages:
  • 400 - Bad Request;
  • 401 - Authorisation Required;
  • 403 - Access Forbidden;
  • 404 - Not Found;
  • 500 - Internal Server Error.
used by this website. The error pages, above, are the most commonly displayed. All other error pages (rarely displayed) are generated by the website host and are beyond my control.


At the bottom of the website, you will find links to allow you to check compliance for yourself.


Should CSS be unavailable, or turned off, in your browser, all information will be displayed logically.


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Assistive Technologies

This website supports the use of assistive technologies such as:
  • Refreshable Braille displays;
  • Screen-reader software;
  • Text-only browsers.

Access Keys and Keyboard Input Support

Keyboard input is supported.


The Access Key, for Main Navigation elements and Tabs, is the first letter of the navigation link. All Access Keys are indicated by the addition of an underline, for example, Accessibility.


Access Key function is subject to your operating system and browser combination. w3schools website.
Access Key combinations for various operating systems and browsers (External link, opens in a new tab/window)

Additional Link, Input, and Abbreviation Information

Place your cursor over an abbreviation, image, input element, or link, and wait a moment for additional information.

End-of-page Navigation

At the end of every page is a Site Map* link followed by a Navigation link, which, when selected, will take you to the Site Map page, or the beginning of the Main Navigation, respectively.


* The Site Map link does not appear on the Site Map page.
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