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Professional Flexible Friendly Service Prompt Clear Communication Quality Excellent Helpful Great Timely Personal Enjoyable Accessibility Fantastic Supportive. I have been delivering multi-channel digital learning, and knowledge and training needs solutions since 1997. Prior to 1997, I was involved in teaching and vocational training.

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Gallery of custom 'Flash' animations and interactions

The following multi-media resources were specified for three courses designed to instruct undergraduate medical students in writing a scientific paper, trainee dentists, and trainee Emergency Medicine practitioners.

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Gallery of e-learning pagesGallery of e-learning pages
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  1. Contributed to eLA, winner of Gold at e.learning age awards;
  2. Design and development of e-learning element for the award winning FSC HMEP Officer course.


"I've been involved in organising / writing / editing for a number of medical e-learning projects over the last 10 years, and I think you've provided a very good design service." Deputy Medical Director/Senior Consultant.

"Knowledge acquired in the absence of human experience is merely attendance." (Tim Cliffe)

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