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Prior to November 2010, feedback was unsolicitedUnsolicited customer comments
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. Customers are now invited to complete a questionnaireQuestionnaire questions
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anonymously. The graph shows service evaluation from 2010 to the present.

Unsolicited customer comments

  1. Clinical Review, Senior Consultants (UK):
    • ... The session looks very good. Well done;
    • I think it looks great, ... Great news about award this weekend well done to all for the hard work;
    • I have been through this session which looks excellent...;
    • This session needs no changes. It is excellent...;
    • Thank you for this one to look at, please pass e-mail to 'Content Author'. Well done both of you...;
    • This session is excellent. No changes required. Best wishes.
  2. Content Authors (SMEs) (AUS, NZ, UK, USA):
    • I have had a good look at the session. Wow! It looks really good! Thanks for all your hard work;
    • ...Thanks for the excellent work;
    • Just a line to thank you for all your help with these projects. It has been great working with you;
    • I've genuinely enjoyed working with you and producing some good stuff. Best of luck;
    • ...You are very good at turning around work and converting the noise into signal.
  3. Project Managers (UK):
    • Thanks very much for all your help in bringing us all up-to-speed with what we needed to do to meet the accessibility criteria...;
    • ...also thanks for all your fantastic support on EMD.
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Bar chart showing evaluation as: Good (15%); Very good (85%); Poor (0%); Very poor (0%).

Sample of 'Comments' from the questionnaire

  • Provided a highly professional, flexible and friendly service at all times (Project Manager);
  • Very pleased with level of service for instructional design work. Prompt and clear communication, issues escalated in a timely fashion and quality of work very good (Project Manager);
  • Excellent all round. No weaknesses at all (SME);
  • Generally very happy will all interactions. Thanks for all your help, you have done a great job in a short time (Clinical Lead);
  • I've been involved in organising/writing/editing for a number of medical e-learning projects over the last 10 years, and I think you've provided a very good design service. If you'd like me to tell anyone this in the future, then please give them my name. Regards (Deputy Medical Director);
  • Excellent personal service provided throughout the process (Small business owner).